An algorithm isn’t an enduring asset: a well-rounded solution made just for your team is.

You need to find and reach new consumers, engage your customers and employees, and measure your success.

Off-the-shelf products aren't the answer. We integrate with your team so you have the tools and guidance you need to solve problems unique to your business.

Identity Resolution & Enhancement
Research & Social Science
Predictive Modeling
Media Optimization & Attribution
The Solutions

Identity Resolution & Enhancement

Augment your data to put your customers into context and see what motivates them.

Your business needs a complete picture of your consumers to make decisions. Civis’s proprietary matching algorithm enables your organization to unify your data and resolve duplicate identities so you can engage in meaningful analysis. Civis’s powerful, curated dataset enhances your database with data that is clean, accurate, and ready for modeling.

"Pampered Chef was able to launch a customer database with insight into key customer metrics In just 8 weeks... our team [has] the analytics environment it needs—not the other way around."

Robb Bennett, Director of Strategic Analytics

Research & Social Science

See your customers as real people using social and data sciences to understand what they think and feel.

Civis’s authoritative survey and social science practice provides your business with a full picture of how your consumers live their lives, not just the demographics they fit into. Civis’s proprietary weighting approach and verified individual-level data guarantees accuracy and speed, ensuring you get the insights you need to make informed decisions today. With over one million survey responses collected, Civis has a unique ability to enhance its dataset and weighting in ways others can’t.

"Surveys are easy, survey science is hard. Or it was, at least. Civis Research puts the power of statistical accuracy in the hands of marketers, an admittedly rare combination."

Micah Honeycutt, Director of Data and Analytics

Predictive Modeling

Capture a portrait of your most valuable current and future customers defined by the actions they take, not just their surface-level characteristics.

Engage your current and future customers using individual-level targeting models, built with our best-in-class machine learning techniques and high-quality attitudinal, behavioral, and demographic data. Civis’s models integrate directly into your organization’s cross-channel customer acquisition, segmentation, and engagement strategy—as well as your tech stack—so your business can engage new and existing customers and accurately measure your ROI.

"Airbnb is a growing community, and Civis’s cloud-based platform helps us understand our data and improve engagement through the power of easy-to-use data science tools."

John Baldo, Director of Mobilization

Media Optimization & Attribution

Find exactly what’s working and what isn’t so you can reach your customers and maximize your ROI.

Measure, attribute, and optimize your business’s marketing spend to ensure you are meeting your goals most effectively. Civis combines your organization’s input and output data with person-level analysis and leading modeling techniques so you can learn what actually works (and what doesn’t).

"Discovery is expanding our data-driven decision-making and Civis helps us track the behavior of our superfans across platforms and build stronger consumer engagement across our brands."

David Leavy, Chief Communications Officer

The Civis Platform

Make the best decisions every day with powerful data science software and a highly predictive dataset.

The Civis Platform is your foundation for a living data science system, empowering you to make informed decisions with confidence. Designed with both decision-makers and data scientists in mind, the cloud-based Civis Platform—with Civis’s highly predictive dataset built in—helps your team be more effective so they can get results, faster.

Key Features


The Civis dataset includes billions of data points and is ready for modeling from day one. Civis’s machine learning and survey science expertise ensures the Civis dataset is always predictive—even when the fundamentals change.

Key Features

Shareability & Reporting

Share and explore insights with highly customizable, interactive visual reports. Or, use the Civis API to create reports to meet your own unique reporting needs.

Key Features

Machine learning

Civis ML, our machine learning service, enables your team to finish work in minutes, not days.

Key Features

Security & Support

Civis provides 24/7 support and keeps your data safe. Our Platform leverages the security of Amazon Web Services and is SOC II Type 2–certified.

Key Features

Collaboration & API

Our API empowers your data science team to code in their preferred language, utilize features they’ve come to expect like Jupyter Notebooks and version control, optimize resource usage with autoscale computing ability, and push data exports back into your CRM or database.