We use data to uncover the truth about your consumers so you can take decisive action.

In addition to these fine companies,
we work for you.

We partner with Fortune 500 companies and prominent national nonprofits to answer their pressing questions, empower their data science teams with software and datasets, and help them use data to achieve impressive results.

Data science isn’t what we do,
it’s who we are.

Our team is full of the best and brightest minds in data science. We accept that we don’t know everything, but pursue the truth relentlessly. We fiercely believe in using the scientific method, (which, for the record, was invented by this guy), to solve complex problems, from finding Super Bowl commercials that resonate to ending hunger in our hometowns.

From the Desk of Our Founder & CEO

Dan Wagner, Founder & CEO

Your business will succeed or fail based on your ability to use data to make decisions.

It’s a new world with new rules, new problems, and too many new buzzwords. Answers based on intuition and experience don’t cut it: you need to relearn your business using tools and methods you’ve never used before.

I founded Civis to help businesses and organizations make data essential to how they identify and engage their customers. Without accurate, predictive data or easy-to-use analytics tools, businesses can’t make informed decisions about who they need to reach, where they need to spend, what they need to say, and how to do it all more effectively. We put together a team of smart people who work to constantly improve the data, models, and software that our clients value. We actually use the software, dataset, and models we build, so we’re invested in making our solutions great.

We’re honest and constructive, opinionated but open. Let’s uncover the truth about your consumers so you can take decisive action and achieve positive, measurable results.

The Leadership Team

Dan Wagner

Founder and CEO

Sulabh Agarwal

Chief Technology Officer

Rob Chapple

Cief Revenue Officer

Alan Fu

Chief Financial Officer

Rich Lee

General Counsel

Cindy Akins

VP of People Operations

Steven Baumgartner

VP of Sales

Peter Bouchard

VP of Applied Data Science

Christine Campigotto

Director of Applied Data Science

Skipper Seabold

Director of Data Science

Katie Malone

Director of Data Science

Todd Anderson

Director of Client Success

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We’re smart, frank, and a little bit weird (in a good way).

We are linguists, behavioral economists, software engineers, and physicists. We’ve worked on campaigns, at CERN, and in Antarctica.


Located in Penn Quarter, our D.C. office is home to our advocacy and government team, and tons of culture lovers. We use our office as home base for weekly excursions to the city’s museums and cultural attractions (oh, and for work too).


Right in the heart of the Loop, our Chicago office is where our film club debates whether Scarface or Ferris Bueller’s Day Off is the ultimate Chicago movie. For those who don’t want to wade into the debate, our beer, baking, sports, and volunteer clubs provide plenty of opportunities to explore the Windy City.

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